About Sending Fan Letters

  • Fan letters are accepted all year round.
  • Letters will be passed to talents after management has screened the contents.
  • Under no circumstances will fan letters be returned.
  • Please note that if management judges the content to be inappropriate, it may not reach the talent.

About Sending Presents

  • Presents will be accepted only during a designated period approximately 1 week before and after a talent’s birthday. The details of the acceptance period will be announced separately on the official X (formerly Twitter) account.
  • The contents of all presents will be checked by management before being sent to the talents.
  • Management reserves the right to withhold any items that are determined inappropriate.
  • Under no circumstances will presents be returned.
  • The address for fan letters and presents is the same (see above).
  • Any items that do not comply with the following rules will be discarded.
    • Items sent as cash on delivery or have insufficient postage.
    • Cash, coupons, gift cards, or tickets (convertible to cash).
    • Catalog gifts and items that require personal information to be received.
    • Luxury items worth over tens of thousands of yen.
    • Living things (plants/animals etc.)
    • Food and drink.
    • Plushies, pillows, and other cloth material products.
    • Electrical appliances/self-recorded or non-factory sealed media (this excludes unopened commercially available CDs/DVDs/BDs).
    • Items that are applied to the skin (cosmetics, perfume, bath salts, medicines, etc.)
    • Underwear.
    • Dangerous goods (explosives, knives, etc.).
    • Used/opened items.
    • Amulets, good luck charms, or anything related to a particular religion.
    • Items that are too large or heavy for the talent to carry home
We cannot answer inquiries such as “Can I send OOO?”
Please note that in the event an item falls outside of the outlines above, management may decide to dispose of said item.