FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION - New Gen EN Male Talents Audition - April 15th,2024 ~ May 12th, 2024(JST)

*The concept art above may differ from the final designs

*Applicants must have read through the application Terms and Conditions and agreed to them before applying.

Application Requirements

  1. You must be at least eighteen years of age
  2. You must be able to speak English
  3. You must be able to consistently deliver content for at least one year
  4. You must be able to deliver content at least three times a week
  5. You must be enthusiastic about taking on new challenges as a VTuber with us

Note: Having your own VTuber avatar is not required for the application

Preferred Requirements

  1. Experiences in streaming
  2. Experiences in content creating (such as gaming, music, or illustrations, etc.)
  3. Ability to speak Japanese or any other languages

About Us

FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION is a VTuber agency established by REALITY Studios Inc., a virtual talent management company based in Tokyo, Japan. We are dedicated to supporting creative talents through their journey of delivering fun and captivating content to audiences all around the world!

Our Support

  • Management
    We’ll closely communicate with you on a daily basis to help you achieve your goals. We’ll assist you with planning new content ideas or release of original songs/merchandise etc. We’ll also cover the costs for commissioning creators and handle communications with them so that you can focus on your own activities!
  • Character Model
    We’ve collaborated with professional artists to design your character and will provide you with their Live2D model. As an added bonus, this model comes with 10 different facial expressions!
  • Essentials
    If necessary, we may also provide streaming equipment (iPhone, PC, microphones, etc.), as well as streaming assets (logos, opening/ending screens, backgrounds, overlays, etc.)

Screening Process

Audition periodApril 15th〜, 2024 〜 May 12th, 2024 (JST)
  • Application Form Review
  • First Interview(online)
  • Live Streaming Test
  • Final Interview(online)

*Above screening process may be subject to change


  1. We are unable to answer any inquiries related to the progress or results of your application
  2. It is prohibited to disclose any kind of information relating to the screening process or audition results on social media or other websites
  3. Please make sure to provide a valid email address. The screening process for your application may be terminated in case we are unable to reach you
  4. Personal information obtained during the audition process will be used for the purpose of managing the audition (including the screening process), contacting the candidates regarding the audition and responding to inquiries
  5. For further information regarding the handling of personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy
  6. Please note that the character illustrations shown above are concept art and may differ from the final designs


  • Is it OK to apply for other auditions at the same time?Yes. However, please note that once you have passed the audtion, you may not be affiliated in more than one VTuber agency.
  • Does the audition cost any money?No fees are associated with participating in the audition. However, transportation, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses incurred (if any) during the audition shall be borne by the applicant.
  • Will I be considered even if I'm not a resident of Japan?Yes, you will be considered regardless of your location. After you have passed the audition, there is a possibility that we will invite you to our office in Tokyo (e.g. for studio recording); transportation expenses will be covered.
  • Am I eligible to participate in the audition if I am under the age of eighteen?No, you must be at least eighteen years of age as of the start of the Application Period.
  • Am I allowed to have a job outside of being a VTuber?Yes, you are permitted to take other jobs as we are engaging VTubers as contractors, and not employees.
  • Am I allowed to use the current character that I have?We will be providing you with a new character upon your debut.

*Applicants must have read through the application Terms and Conditions and agreed to them before applying.